5 Tips Every Retiree Should Know

Tips for Retirement Senior Couple Playing Games

Retirement can seem daunting if you don’t adequately prepare yourself. Life transitions are sometimes exciting and yet may be difficult to cope with because you’re used to a familiar routine or a defined set of interests or skills. Despite the self-doubts, retirement can be a new chapter that sheds light on an entire different reason for being. With that being said, Retirement is what you make it. That’s why we’ve carefully collected & scoped 5 Tips Every Retiree Should Know; to better prepare you for making the most out of one of life’s most significant transitions.

Below are the 5 must-know ingredients for a fulfilling retirement.


#1. Set New Goals

Shape new goals around what you envision for your life. It’s okay to reimagine your lifestyle, budget, hobbies, diet and etc. As best-selling author Julia Cameron exerts… “Moving ahead, we are inspired to move ahead yet more. With the willingness to name our dream and then acknowledge and take the first step toward it, we move into the life we have previously only dreamed of.”

#2. Relationships Matter

Seeking social support is vital to optimal health and happiness during retirement. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals that possess similar values is not only linked to happiness but lasting medicinal benefits. Now that you gained more time, reconnect with loved ones or past relationships.

#3. Philanthropy is Good for the Soul.

Volunteering is a fulfilling way to stay active and involved in your community. Research found that volunteering can have favorable effects on a person’s psychological health. In a study done by the Corporation for National and Community Service, “researchers found that individuals who engaged in volunteering activities experienced a shorter course of depression than those who did not volunteer. Volunteering provides the senior a sense of purpose and accomplishment.”

#4. Take a Stroll Past your Boundaries.

Okay – boundaries are great for safekeeping. But stepping outside of your comfort zone can be rewarding and stimulating. If you’ve never traveled, tried new culinary cuisines, adopted a new hairstyle or even gave group fitness classes a go, then retirement is the perfect time to undertake new things.

#5. Livability is Key.

At the center of these is livability. Uprooting your home is the most challenging aspect of this transition. Not only are you preparing for the latter stages of life, but you’re also involving your family members or caregivers in the planning process. That’s why it’s important to feel confident when choosing a new place to call home. Our friends at Park Plaza Chicago, Premier Jewish Senior Living, make sure that you live in a vibrant community while living on your own terms. Park Plaza offers amenities that alleviate the stresses of long-term care planning such as onsite physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, wellness center for exercise, complimentary chauffeured transportation, weekly housekeeping, medical appointment coordinators, and more. As far as livability is concerned, at a sophisticated community like Park Plaza you can live on your own terms without worry.

With these valuable insights, you’re ready to put pen to paper and begin honing-in on your vision for retirement. Remember, it’s okay to draw outside the lines of boundaries and reimagine your day to day routine. Retirement is a new lease on life, therefore make it a good one.