In-Home Care Services

Crystal Home Health Care at Park Plaza in Chicago, IL

As a Resident, you have the added benefit of a Wellness Center Liaison provided through Crystal Home Health Care. Our goal is to offer continuing care to patients in their apartments, to minimize effects of illness and accidents and to reduce re-hospitalizations. We value you as an individual and are dedicated to enhancing health, wellness and lifestyle through multiple programs and services. We offer educational healthcare events, blood pressure checks and exercise programs.

What is In-Home Care?

Our team of experienced healthcare professionals provides high-quality home health services. When your physician orders Home Health services, the Wellness Center Liaison facilitates care to provide skilled nursing and therapy services in your apartment.

These services are covered under Medicare and Insurance. If you have a New Medical Condition, Recent Health Decline, Medications Changed, Recent Fall or Fear of Falling, Trouble with Balance, Shortness of Breath, Chronic Health Condition, Recent Hospitalization or Pain, visit Julie in the Wellness Center. As a Medicare patient, you always have the right to choose which provider you would like to work with for home health. If you have any questions about services, had a recent hospitalization, fall or injury we can help.

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If you have an elective surgery coming up, we can help you with post-surgery therapy services. See Julie in the Wellness Center to help for home health nursing, therapy, doctor visits.

How to Contact Crystal Home Health Care at Park Plaza

For services, residents or their loved ones can visit us in the office or contact Julie (312) 513-4919.

Our onsite office is in the Wellness Center along with Fox Rehabilitation and Right at Home.

Contact Info:

Julie Petelle, Crystal Home Health Care

Tel: (312) 513-4919